Book Bindings

See the types of book bindings we offer:

Hard Binding

At Orion Book Binders we have the latest equipment and technology to give your book that perfect finish.The hard case could be covered with a pre-printed image/graphic, fabrics or even pre printed canvases. Our experienced staff will guide you to choose the right textured and/or coloured endpaper to match the cover.A special combination of fabric and print is also possible on one cover. We offer perfect sewing and gluing which is crucial for the best end result.Tip-in folded maps or diagrams for special technical books, perforated corners, ribbon bookmarks and special separators are amongst the specialized items we have been asked to do and have produced successfully for our clients.

Book Edging

Book Edge decoration (or sometimes known as fore-edging) is the decoration/print of the edges of the pages which is visible, most of the time, when the book is closed. This is a very old traditional way to deorate a book’s sides which is still very much sought after for particular book projects nowdays. It required special equipment and techniques.
Book Edging could be done in various colours or gilded in gold or in silver.
You can see some of the example on the side, but of course a client can choose any design imaginable.

Wedding Items

We produce various items that many new couples choose to obtain in order to make weeding more beautiful, or preserve the memories.
Small hardbound booklets, souvenir boxes and Church booklet some are of the items we can provide.

Kiss Cutting

Stickers are often requested on pre-cut sheets as above. This process is called “Kiss-Cutting”, where the customer has the advantage to just peal off the sticker.
These stickers could be used for anything, from marking the products and pricing in the shop, all the way to using them for creative design.

Die Cutting

We offer Die-cutting services on a flatbed machine.
We can also handle the production of metal die production tailor-made as per your artwork and material to be cut.
Die-cutting can be used for specific books like children books or themed books. Mostly popular with special invitations, clothing-tags, business cards and wine or water bottle neck-labels for upmarket restaurants or supermarkets.
Depending on how creative your design is, it could add that extra bit to make your printed product look fabulous and pleasing to the eye.


Giving your book a timeless finish

Slip Cases

We produce slip cases to order in any quantity. Slip cases can include cardboard engineering, digital or offset printing, foil blocking and blind debossing or embossing.
More often than not, the composition of the slip case, matches or mimics the cover of the books it holds. There are also instances where a combination of printed cover and binding cloth are used in tandem to produce an elegant design that bridges both finishes into the bookbinding traditions.

Apart from the possibilities of printed slip cases, there are also those which are more traditional where designers opt for a choice from our selection of coloured cloths in a variety of textures to suit the choice of even the most ardent and demanding clients. Our selection of cloths include some that may be finished in embossing, debossing or hot foil stamping, again in a variety of metallic colours and shades to fit the specific section of colour spectrum desired on the slip case.

In order to assist in the accessibility of the book from its slip case, we offer some optional features which include thumb-cuts. These are semi-circular cuts carefully placed at midway height of the slipcase opening and intended to facilitate easy pull-out of the books. Alternative engineering designs in such instance include that of producing slip cases which allow for the spine of the book to protrude out of the case when this is holding the book. Such will facilitate the pull-out of the book from the spine as well. Yet another possibility is that of the use of ribbons which are also intended to facilitate the pulling out of the book from the case. We can also manufacture the sleeves with a closing lid .

Embossing / Debossing

Debossing and embossing are similar processes that create a different results. Both processes involve making a metal plate and counter. The plate is mounted on a press and the paper is stamped between the plate and counter. This force of pressure pushes the stock into the plate creating the impression. Embossing creates a raised impression on whatever material one is printing on ­ pushes the image above the level of the paper. Debossing is the reverse of embossing. Debossing creates a depressed impression on paper, board or leather.
Samples below show debossing into a leather cover and embossing process combined with the hotfoiling process Book Edging could be done in various colours or gilded in gold or in silver.
You can see some of the example on the side, but of course a client can choose any design imaginable.

Hot Foiling

Hotfoiling has probably existed since the 1930's in Malta and for a long time it was the pride of printing. The process has changed very little since then but we were able to master what our forefathers started.
Hotfoiling is generally known for Gold and Silver Lettering or motifs on books and invitations. However these days there is "Bronze foiling", "blind foiling" or "white foiling" and virtually any colour is possible.
When coupled up with embossing, hotfoiling makes it very unique and luxurious looking as per our photo samples below.

Special Hard Bound Items

As a creative business we pride ourselfs on creating something that is beautiful and unique, something we can look at and be proud at.
Often clients and designers alike decide to create something themselves, a design that we make a reality. No matter how complicated something may seem, we love a challenge. Contact us with your ideas!